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The Difference Between Home Health and Hospice

Often, when patients and their family members are researching care options, they come across services like home health care and hospice. Both are popular healthcare resources that many people assume are the same things. However, they are quite different. Although both services can be provided in the home, they differ in some ways, such as [...]

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  • dehydration

Easy Ways to Prevent Dehydration

Home Health and Hospice patients are prone to dehydration. Let's explore why that is and the problems that dehydration may cause. You will learn how to recognize signs of dehydration. Then provided below are tips for ensuring your loved one gets enough liquids. Dehyrdation at the end of life will also be discussed. Is your [...]

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  • Home Health Eligibility

What Are The Home Health Eligibility Criteria?

Now more than ever, seniors want to age in the comforts of their own homes. It’s a familiar place to them with lots of memories, and that’s hard to part with. Plus, moving comes with a lot of physical and emotional stress. Couple that with the fear associated with moving to a senior living facility, and [...]

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