Considering Hospice Care? 

End-of-life care is a critical and sensitive aspect for anyone, whether due to a serious illness or other life-limiting conditions. Hospice care steps in to provide comfort and support during these times.

Hospice services are fully covered by Medicare for qualifying patients, and are also covered by most Medicaid and commercial insurance plans. Referrals to hospice can come from anyone, and we offer a complimentary evaluation to determine eligibility.

Unsure if hospice care is the right choice for you or your loved one? Our below questionnaire is designed to guide you in making this important decision.


Have you or a loved one…

1) Been experiencing persistent or severe pain that affects daily life?
2) Had an increase in hospital visits or emergency room trips recently?
3) Shown a diminished interest in eating or drinking, or are unable to do so?
4) Expressed feelings of hopelessness or distress regarding current health condition?
5) Experienced a noticeable decline in physical activity or an increase in bedridden days?
6) Had difficulty engaging in meaningful conversations or appeared increasingly confused?
7) Been given a prognosis of six months or less by a healthcare provider?
8) Faced challenges managing multiple medical treatments and interventions?
9) Felt that current treatments are more focused on prolonging life rather than ensuring comfort?
10) Expressed a desire for comfort-focused care over aggressive treatment?
By submitting this form, you grant permission for our team to contact you via phone or email to discuss your responses and determine the potential suitability of hospice care for your loved one. If you wish not to receive further communications, please inform us at