Smoky Mountain Home Health and Hospice provided the best service and care for my mother and father above and beyond all expectations. Not only did they provide excellent health care, but showed much love and kindness while caring for my Mom and Dad! Knowing, I could contact them and get a reply in short order gave me such peace of mind. As a care giver, I appreciated the much needed help of RN Charlie Grooms who was available at all times with his knowledge and expertise. Anita and Megan, while bathing my parents, were so gentle, kind and thoughtful. Regular visits from the doctor, chaplain and certain SMHHH personnel completed the circle of assistance one needs during this time. Everyone went out of their way to show love and concern at all times. I thank my God for Smoky Mountain Home Health and Hospice for being such a great help during my time as a care giver. Marilyn B. Woods