Dorothy Cameron shows off one of her quilts.

The staff has began to give the lap quilts to patients who need an extra comfort boost.  Hospice care is more than just having a nurse comes in each day or a CNA give the patient a bath.  It is about identifying ways for patients and their families can enjoy their journey transition of life, while dealing with life-limiting health challenges.  Mark Kitts, Hospice Chaplain presented a patient a lap quilt and she was over joyed.  She said, “It is such a joy to have a warm blanket as I sit here by myself.  This is a reminder that someone thought about me in my lonely moments.”

Hospice is a service to people who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness, with a focus on pain management and symptom control.  Some patients need extra care giving and need quality care at the end of life.  Smoky Mountain Hospice works hard to find way to fill that void in a patient’s life.


Knoxville office employees show off some of the quilts made by Dorothy Cameron.

Smoky Mountain Hospice – Knoxville serves the community by hosting health outreach programs, workshops, health fairs and a host of other community events.  Volunteer recruitment is an ongoing effort.  If you or someone  you know would like to volunteer contact us, 865-673-5877.

Hope, Love and Caring is the motto of the Smoky Mountain Hospice team, come join us or call us if you have a love one who needs comforting care as they transition through life.  Call us! 865-673-5877.

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Written By:  Cynthia J. Finch, LMSW – Manager